Clay's Cool - Spring 2016
In partnership with Island Park PTA

Terracotta Creations for the Garden

Celebrate spring creating clay art for the outdoors. Let’s explore and sculpt bugs, birds, frogs and plants to incorporate into a variety of garden art objects. We will look at different styles, expressions and types of clay creations from around the world and apply a variety of hand-building techniques and applications throughout several class projects.

Students will develop greater knowledge and an understanding of the ceramic process to produce works of art. Individual expression and ideas are encouraged.

Instructor assistance will include demonstration of various decorative techniques, tool usage and glaze application.

Work will be exhibited in the last class. Parents are encouraged to attend, and students will take their creations home with them.

9 Sessions: Grades 1-5
Instructor: Stewart Wong; Location: Island Park Elementary - OPT
Class Size: 14; Tuition: $135; Class Code: 0922

Class Time and Dates

Wednesdays: 2:00 to 3:30

Registration is closed.Hope to see you in a future class!